For Farmers

Participating Farms in the Milk with Dignity Program are paid a premium to support and reward compliance with the Code.  Participating Farms agree to: 

  • Work with MDSC and workers to comply with the Milk with Dignity Code of Conduct labor standards

  • Permit access to program education to ensure workers understand their rights and responsibilities

  • Allow workers to access MDSC’s support line and work with MDSC to resolve any complaints that come up

  • Collaborate with MDSC’s Code compliance audits, complaint investigations, and implementation of corrective action plans to make steady progress to come into compliance

The Program creates a new mechanism to facilitate and improve communication and creative problem solving among workers and farmers.  The benefits for Participating Farms include:

  • Premium to support and reward compliance with Code of Conduct

  • Stronger communication among farmers and workers

  • Access to new resources for problem-solving

  • Development of best practices in the workplace

  • Proactive identification and mitigation of risks

  • Decreased turnover, greater employee satisfaction

For information about how to enroll as a Participating Farm, please email or call 802-881-4240.